Home-Based Business Opportunities

Did you know that 50 percent of all small businesses begin at home? Since the 2020 pandemic, more and more home-based businesses are starting up each and every day. In a recent survey by Incfile, 59% of workers admitted that the pandemic made them realize how vulnerable they are when working for someone else. After all, nobody wants to lose their job.

With numbers like that, it’s no wonder that the number of home-based businesses in the United States continues to grow with each passing year. But often, people aren’t sure where to even begin! You’ll be pleased to know that some of the most successful home-based businesses are more simple than you likely imagined.

If you’re ready to get started, read on to discover some of the best home-based startup ideas. Afterward, keep all these options at your fingertips with our free Small Business Startup app—available for both Apple and Android!

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Customer Service

working from home

It’s no secret that most companies outsource their customer service these days. When the pandemic hit in 2020, companies knew that business had to continue running as usual. And, when workers began taking calls from home, one of the most lucrative home-based business models came to life. Every organization needs customer support. With that said, you likely won’t have any shortage of potential clients in this industry.

Cyber Security Consultant

In 2022, it seems like the supply of new software and technology is never-ending. However, what many people don’t realize is that along with every new software development comes new vulnerabilities that hackers are looking to exploit. For that reason alone, cybersecurity is more important than ever—particularly for businesses that store credit card information and personal identifiable information. If you have experience with software and IT, consider cutting the middleman out and launching this business idea from the comfort of your home.

Event Planner

Event planning comes so naturally to certain people. The irony here is that this business idea is so simple, it is often forgotten! If you love coordinating food and drinks with music, swag bags, and everything in between, then what are you waiting for? It’s time to start planning! From children’s birthday parties to elegant weddings, the opportunities in this industry are endless. If you’re passionate about organizing events and hitting budget goals, then this could be the home business idea for you.


You don’t need a traditional brick-and-mortar studio to launch your photography business. However, you do need exceptional organization! If photography is your passion, consider launching a home-based business before spending thousands of dollars on a studio. This will allow you to acquaint yourself with the cost of running a photography business without the worry of additional overhead. Additionally, it may allow you to keep prices a bit lower in the initial startup so that you can compete with larger studios and simultaneously begin building a loyal customer base.

Elder Care

Nursing homes can be extremely expensive, and many families are hesitant about putting their loved ones in a new permanent residency. If you're already a certified nursing assistant and passionate about helping people, consider starting an eldercare business. By owning your own business, you’ll also have the freedom to go the extra mile for your clients. Additional services you may wish to provide clients may include pharmacy pickup or grocery delivery.

Pet Sitter or Dog Walker

Spending your entire day with dogs may sound like a dream come too! And, while it’s true that anyone can start a business for pet sitting and dog walking, you will truly set yourself apart from the competition if you happen to already be a certified veterinary technician. Please note that you will need more than a love for animals to be successful in this home-based business. You must also educate yourself on canine behavior, training, and more to keep yourself safe.

Explore Home-Based Business Opportunities Today

As you can see, the possibilities for home-based businesses are truly endless. Using the skills you already have is a wise way to cut out the middleman and work toward a salary that you couldn’t earn working for someone else.

We know you’re probably eager to get started. But remember: Take your time to explore all your options. You may also want to consider business opportunities that won’t require you to do all the heavy lifting alone. While it’s true that you’ll always have the “opportunity” to start a home-based business, sometimes, it makes more sense to invest in a home-based business that already exists! These are called “Franchise Opportunities.” If you’re ready to explore your options, check out our hand-picked selection of home-based franchises. And, remember to download the free Small Business Startup app to keep all these opportunities at your fingertips—available for both Apple and Android.

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AMZ Dynasty - Ecommerce Store

Own your own Amazon Store and use our team to help run the day to day. This is a unique model where you are the owner with a team already in place to manage the business so you dont have to Our model capitalizes on the established and growing Amazon Marketplace and allows you to have a business with virtually no overhead. Our team will get you approved to sell on Amazon, research winning products, work with suppliers on your behalf, launch and manage your store for you. This is a business model where you are the CEO and our team works for you.

$30,000 Min Cash Required

Phoenix Ecom

We build and scale Amazon stores for our clients by helping automate all inventory management tasks from account health monitoring to 24/7 customer service. Learn more now

$40,000 Min Cash Required

Purchase A Franchise Using Your Retirement Plan

This is NOT a franchise or business opportunity. This is a service offered to those seeking to purchase a franchise or business using their retirement funds without having to pay the taxes and penalties. You can purchase a franchise or traditional business with a tax qualified retirement plan such as an IRA, 401(k), 403(b), 457(b), SEPs and others.

$30,000 Min Cash Required

Build My Brand

Did you know you could partner with a company to build out your entire e-commerce store, from product research to inventory acquisition to marketing? Yep You can easily make 6-7 figures in passive income when we build your e-commerce empire and money-making machine from the ground up All it takes is an upfront investment, and our team will do the rest. By this time next year, you could be sitting on a 7 figure empire. Learn more now

$30,000 Min Cash Required

Roof Maxx

Every day, 18,000 roofs are replaced across the country but 90 dont need to be. As a dealer, this means a massive opportunity Get in on the ground floor of one of the fastest-growing home services concepts in history and earn high profits in your own exclusive territory with Roof Maxx and help homeowners save thousands with roof rejuvenation. Learn more

$35,000 Min Cash Required

Noble Locksmith

Anyone can own a mobile Locksmith empire. A fully mobile, recession-resistant franchise that is always needed. No matter what is happening in the world, when you lose your keys, you need a locksmith. A simple system that generates proven results and income. In fact, you can expect to earn up to 1,000 per day within the first year, for EACH van. Single van and multi-van options available

$100,000 Min Cash Required

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